Transferring a Vehicle Without Opening an Estate (July 12th, 2018)

It’s a common occurrence – A person dies and the only asset to his or her name is a car.  It used to be that an estate would need to be opened just to transfer the car to a family member or sell it.  Now, a new law authorizes a decedent’s property consisting of up to two motor vehicles, or a boat or vessel with an appraised value of up to $5,000, to be transferred to a surviving spouse without the requirement to administer the estate.  This will certainly save the surviving family the cost and aggravation of opening an estate just to transfer a vehicle.

If a loved one dies leaving more than a few vehicles, we are experienced in handling probate and making the process as simple an inexpensive as possible.  For more information, please contact the attorneys at Winegrad, Hess, Friedman & Hess, LLC.