Wills & Estates

Did you know that in Maryland, if you die without a will, your assets will be distributed in accordance with Maryland law? If you are married, without children, this means that your spouse may not inherit all of your property. It may actually go in part to your parents. This may not be what you want, and the only way to keep this from happening and directing how you want your estate distributed is by executing a Last Will and Testament. For most people’s estates, this fast and inexpensive process will allow you to say who is to receive your assets and take care of your children. It allows you to direct whether any money is given to charity or friends, how you wish to be buried, whether you want to create a trust, and who you want to administer your estate.

Our attorneys can draft your Last Will and Testament so that you control what happens to your estate after your die. We can help with decisions about creating a trust for your children, and can answer questions about Advance Directives and Powers of Attorney. We understand that contemplating your death is not the most pleasant of tasks, but preparing for it is vital to your surviving loved ones. Make certain your family is protected by completing these documents now so they are available when needed.