Workers’ Compensation Law

Injuries on the job can place your health, career and financial security at risk. If you have been the victim of an automobile, slip-and-fall or other accident at work, we offer aggressive representation from beginning to end so that you receive the compensation to which you are entitled.

Our attorneys provide prompt representation for you so that you can focus on recovering from your injuries. We are experienced with the relationship between workers’ compensation claims and third-party personal injury claims and pursue each, at the right time, to maximize your recovery. We approach each matter separately and use our experience and insight to develop strategies designed to achieve our clients’ goals successfully and expeditiously.

Let our attorneys file your claim form with the Workers’ Compensation Commission so that you can begin to receive benefits as soon as possible after your accident, including lost wages and medical treatment. If your employer contests your claim, we will be there at your hearing and on appeal if necessary to fight for your rights. If you are left with a permanent disability, we will have you evaluated and attend the hearing to determine your disability so that you can be compensated for your loss.

Whether your injuries are the result of an automobile accident, slip-and-fall or other accident at work, our attorneys are actively involved in matters that include the following:

  • Completing and filing claim forms
  • Obtaining Lost Wages
  • Obtaining medical treatment
  • Obtaining vocational rehabilitation
  • Resolving contested claims
  • Obtaining permanent disability ratings and awards
  • Resolving Medicare Lien Issues
  • Handling Appeals