Condominium & Homeowners Association Law

Winegrad, Hess, Friedman & Levitt, LLC’s real estate attorneys are widely known to provide creative, effective, and qualified legal services and solutions to developers, builders, managers, and condominium and homeowners associations and their boards of directors concerning the governance of their communities. Having gained unique experience since our attorneys regularly prepare the documents necessary to form these communities, we routinely provide legal advice concerning document interpretation and amendment of governing documents. We provide legal advice and services concerning collection of assessments, covenant and rule enforcement, architectural control issues, and negotiation of contracts. We also routinely attend community association meetings.

Our attorneys understand that communities are on a budget and that legal fees come from the owners. Our efficient and creative solutions to everyday problems keep costs under control. Whenever possible, we seek alternatives to litigation, such as mediation and arbitration, but if traditional court litigation is unavoidable, we aggressively use all pre-trial, trial, and appellate tools and proceedings to achieve our clients’ objectives. Our attorneys fairly assess each matter and advise our clients of the risks and costs of litigation or other potential resolutions. When a favorable settlement is an option, our attorneys skillfully pursue that resolution as well.

When collecting assessments, we provide our clients with all options available, including pursuing traditional litigation or collection through the Maryland Contract Lien Act. Whenever possible, we try to recover all or a part of the legal fees from the delinquent owner. We use sophisticated computer software that allows us to provide unprecedented data and personal service to our clients for each matter referred to us for collection.

Winegrad, Hess, Friedman & Levitt, LLC provides these services:

  • Document Review, Interpretation & Amendment
  • Collection of Assessments
  • Maryland Contract Lien Act actions
  • Advice Concerning Minimizing Implied Warranty Liability
  •  General Legal Advice
  • Private Utility Companies
  • Rules Enforcement
  • Covenant Violations
  • Contract Preparation and Review
  • Attendance at Annual or Special Meetings
  • Litigation, Arbitration & Mediation Proceedings