New Rules for Bringing Cell Phones to Court (January 3rd, 2011)

New rules are in effect concerning the possession and use of electronic devices such as cell phones, computers, cameras, and other electronic devices in Maryland courts. If you bring such devices to court, please be aware of the following rules:

     All electronic devices may be inspected by court security personnel.

     Security or other court personnel may confiscate an electronic device for misuse. As described below, personnel may also collect electronic devices from persons in certain designated areas of the court facility.

     All electronic devices must remain OFF AND INOPERABLE inside the courtroom unless the presiding judge has given express permission in a specific instance.

     The taking, recording, or transmitting of photographs, videos, or other visual images by cell phone or any other device is prohibited in the court facility at all times, unless the court expressly grants permission in a specific instance.

     An electronic device may not be used in a manner that interferes with court proceedings or the work of court personnel or that violates any court order.

     The court may decide to limit or prohibit the possession of electronic devices in designated areas, including courtrooms. In that event, the court will designate the restricted area and provide for the collection of devices from persons entering that area and the return of the devices to those persons when they leave the area.

     An electronic device may not be brought into a jury deliberation room.

     Security and other court personnel are not liable for any damage, misplacement, or loss to electronic devices confiscated or collected under the rules or a court order.

Any individual who willfully violates Maryland Rule 16-110 or any reasonable limitation imposed by the local administrative judge or the presiding judge may be found in contempt of court and may be subject to sanctions in accordance with the Rules in Title 15, Chapter 200.